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Yes, it’s long, but please read it all. It’s all relevant.

Registrations, payments, orders for uniforms & equipment, etc. will take place online.
No such transactions will be handled at the class site.
Our rented facility time must be dedicated to instruction!

We began instruction on Tuesday, October 1st at Wiles Hill Gym. The location is reserved for classes through the end of March 2020. However, we intend to continue to explore other options, as we hope to be as centrally and as comfortably located as possible. 

Regular classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 
  • Basics (6:00pm - 6:30pm) 
  • BBCs (6:30pm - 7:15pm)
  • Black Belts (7:15pm - 8:00pm). 
At this time, there will be no Tiger classes offered. (We will consider Tigers who are within 6 months of their 7th birthday on a case-by-case basis.) Our schedule can be added to your calendar app of choice. 

Former Tigers who have aged into "big kid classes" will start in either Basic class as white belts (for Block 1 Tigers) or in BBC class as camo belts (for Blocks 2 & 3 Tigers) regardless of Tiger rank.  

For students aged 7 to 9, a parent/grandparent/guardian will be required to remain on the premises during class unless an older sibling is also in class. There is a playground on the premises where parents can entertain younger children that may have to accompany them. The gymnasium is not child proofed. Adults assume full responsibility for the supervision and safety of any children they bring into the building or onto the playground. 

While inside the building, volume on phones and any other electronic devices must be set to "silent" or "vibrate." Spectators must step outside to make or receive calls during class times. However, adult students who may be “on call” for work may ask the lead instructor for an exception to this policy. 

Curriculum: We will be teaching the color belt forms in sequence. New students will learn techniques in the order intended by Eternal Grand Master. In this manner, students can build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques as they progress in rank. We believe this will facilitate mastery of technique rather than mere memorization of the form. 

Testing: Testings will be conducted on the first Tuesday evening of even numbered months, beginning in December. In the event of a weather cancellation, testing will occur on the next class night. Due to our limited hours of operation, there will be absolutely no alternative or private testings. We’ve set regular testing dates to give ample opportunity to make appropriate arrangements. Nervousness is natural. Overcoming anxiety to achieve a goal is as much a part of the martial arts curriculum as kicks and strikes. 

There will be no fee to test in house. There will, however, be a fee for new belts & certificates (if successful). 

Testings will be scored using the hierarchy of attributes established by the ATA: attitude, memorization, focus, technique, balance, speed, power, rhythm/timing, and reflex. These are the criteria used when testing at a national event, as well. A student who simply memorizes the form but does not demonstrate progress in the other attributes will not advance in rank. Our mission is to help students master all aspects of the Songahm Taekwondo curriculum and thereby foster the self-confidence that accompanies true achievement. 

Board breaking from a prescribed list of techniques will be required at testing for students at the rank of red belt decided and at all rank & midterm testings thereafter. 

First degree black belt recommended students (that’s the red-black belt) must demonstrate mastery of all nine color belt forms as part of their black belt testing. It may be accomplished all at once or spread over a maximum of three consecutive testings. This includes knowledge of the belt philosophies, number of moves, location of the kihaps, target areas, and proper names of the techniques. 

All black belts mid-terming or testing for rank will be required to complete a randomly selected color belt form in addition to their black belt form and weapon curriculum. Again, this includes knowing that belt’s philosophy, number of moves, location of the kihaps, target areas, and proper names of the techniques. The color belt form will be selected at testing using an app that generates a random number between 1 and 9. If a Block 1 form (white, orange, or yellow) is selected, performance includes the one steps in addition to the form. 

Class attire: Students may wear an ATA T-shirt (tucked in), Bold Look or ATA-branded workout pants (black is preferred), and their belts to classes in order to keep their white doboks in good condition for formal events (testings, tournaments, etc.). Off-brand attire will not be permitted in class. Hair that is long enough to touch the uniform collar or obscure the eyes must be tied back. The club’s official T-shirts can be ordered via kickitforward.ecwid.com, if desired. 

Testing attire: Students must attend testings in full white uniforms, clean, appropriately hemmed, with all proper patches securely in place and their belts properly tied. (Uniform appearance is scored under the "attitude" attribute and should be a matter of pride.) Undershirts, if worn, must be white. No jewelry is permitted (with the exception of wedding bands). Hair that is long enough to touch the uniform collar or obscure the eyes must be tied back.

Standards of conduct: While on the premises, students and their guests (i.e., whoever brought them to class), will refrain from any behavior that could be construed as bullying, defamatory, inappropriate, or discriminatory. This encompasses race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and appearance. 

For the safety & privacy of our students, photography is prohibited inside the building without express permission of the lead instructor on the floor. 

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization. We have pared our fee structure down to the bare minimum in order to be more accessible, and no one involved is drawing a salary. Any income that exceeds our operational expenses will be channeled into grants for leadership development, guest instruction, collar camps, etc. 

Student tuition: First & second students in a family: $80 each per month. Each additional immediate family member: $10 per month.

Payment will only be accepted electronically via debit card (Google Pay, which is free) or credit card (PayPal, with a transaction fee). We will not be accepting cash or checks at all, ever. 

We are only offering 6-month membership agreements at this time. Uniforms, sparring gear, weapons, belts, and class attire are additional but with no markup. 

Leadership students: After any fees required by ATA for enrollment in the Leadership or Legacy programs, there will be no additional monthly financial obligation beyond the base student tuition. There is a fee for the collared white uniform, of course, and there is added responsibility, as follows:

  • Leadership students must maintain mastery of curriculum (forms, one steps, and weapons) up to their rank. This will be periodically evaluated. 
  • Leadership students must provide class feedback for each class attended (in any capacity) via this form: kickitforward.foundation/p/class-notes.html
  • Leadership students must commit to at least one "teaching night" per week where they will assist with the class below their own in rank. For example, BBC leaders will arrive in time for Basic class to assist and remain to train with their own class. Black Belt leaders will arrive in time to assist with BBC class and remain to train with their own class. 
  • Leadership students must agree to extend the standards of conduct outlined above to their lives outside of class as well. 
  • Leadership students who do not honor their time commitment, provide the requisite class feedback, or demonstrate mastery of curriculum when evaluated will not be eligible to test that cycle. 
We realize this is a lot of information, but we feel it best to be transparent about all the details. A blank membership agreement can be viewed HERE

If you wish to join us, please drop us an email at kick.it.forward.foundation@gmail.com. Once we gather the necessary information, we'll prepare a membership agreement for your signature and send it as a PDF email attachment. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Debi Lewis 
ATA Certified Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt
Founder, Kick It Forward Foundation 

P.S. If you are interested in helping us keep our costs as low as possible, we could use your support! We’ve created a charity list on Amazon for items needed for classes and/or that can help make participation more affordable for everyone.

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